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Costa Rica

Not Your Typical Tee Shirt.

Authentic Designs, Great Fit and Cool, Comfortable Style

We are a company founded out of great admiration and respect for Costa Rica. Inspired by it's culture and natural beauty, we create tee shirts that locals and tourists wear with pride. Our shirts are for everyone who loves Costa Rica as much as we do: Ticos, expats and visitors alike. "Pura Vida" is not an overused cliche, but rather a saying that has real meaning and value. It is these values of the Costa Rican culture, as well as it's natural charm that make the country unique, and by wearing our tees you're saying you love it here, too.

Style counts. At Mini Super Apparel, we believe that just because you may be visiting, your commemorative shirt should not be a step below anything you would buy at home. Our clothing is made to look and feel great. Our shirts will hold memories of special times and are sure to become personal favorites. We create designs that speak to your heart, your funny bone, and your outstanding sense of aesthetics.

Born out of the desire to share what makes Costa Rica so special and look good doing it, we established our guiding principles: "Authentic Designs, Great Fit and Cool, Comfortable Style".